Monday, June 30, 2008


Have you ever seen pirates more swashbucklin' and scurvy than these three?
I let the boys play with the leftover pirate accessories from girls camp. All I heard all day was, "Arrrrghh!" They thoroughly enjoyed pretending they were pirates. Even Beau knew what to say when I brought out the eye patches.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

my kind of superhero

Blue brought me a flower from outside while wearing his incredibles costume. Definitely my kind of superhero.

volcanic activity

The make-shift sandbox in our backyard has provided hours of enjoyment for my boys. They called my outside to check out their latest creation:

A volcano. The pine needles are lava spewing out of it.

This eruption exploded all the way into my house. I have sand everywhere...on the kitchen chairs, on the couch, in the beds, and caked on all of the boys clothes. But it is totally worth it when I can look out my back window and see all three of them playing nicely together.


I officially have pirat-titude! I survived our pirate themed girls camp! Not only did I survive, I had a great time! My ward has AMAZING girls! The leaders weren't half bad either...just kidding. Of course the young women leaders would have to be just as amazing as the girls. Sleep deprivation and sunburn are the only two downsides to this past week. My boys missed me, I think. When I got home they were outside and I came out to say hello. They were playing in the sand and instead of running to me and giving me a hug( the welcome home I thought I would get), they just looked up and said, "Oh hi, mom." Good to know I was missed so dearly. I do not have any pictures to post of girls camp simply because I was having too much fun. I didn't want to carry my camera around all the time, and how do you take a picture when you are always laughing? My pictures would have been too blurry!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

off to camp I go

I am off to girls camp in a few short minutes but I thought I would post what I did all day yesterday. No, I did not focus on girls camp, instead we(Jackie, my friend Amber and me) did a makeover for Jackie's room. Technically you can't call it a makeover 'cause it was pretty much an empty room when we started. But here is the semi-finished product. There are a few things we had to leave unfinished due to time restraints and faulty bed frame- I guess that's what I get for buying it used.

The table was a $5 find and we modge-podged scrapbook paper onto the top.
The headboard was also a $5 find. We recovered it(not very good this time around). We still need to add the buttons to it. The picture does not do justice to the color. It is a very chic green. I did not post pictures of the rest of the walls. I will have to do so when I come back. We did some fun art work...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

my baby is two

Happy birthday Beau! We love him so much! Two things he is never without...a ball(any kind) and a scowl. Okay, so maybe he doesn't always wear a scowl but he sure can give a mean crusty when he wants to. He is such a funny kid and it is fun to watch him play with his big brothers. He follows them around everywhere and tries to keep up. I'm pretty sure the day will come when he may be younger but he will certainly be bigger than them. Watch out Reed and Blue!

Reed and Blue helped me decorate Beau's cake. We made the giant size cupcake. I absolutely love this cake pan. If you don't have one, I suggest you go get one with your 40% off coupon from Michaels or Joanns. Or better yet, just borrow it from someone who already has it. It was totally fool-proof. I wasn't sure if Beau understood that it was his birthday. All day long, we kept singing "happy birthday" to him but got no reaction from him. But the minute we put candles in his birthday cake, he knew exactly what to do.

He thoroughly enjoyed blowing out the candles...twice. He refused to take a bite of his cake, good thing Reed and Blue enjoyed for him.

terrible twos

Today is Beau's birthday! Number two! This morning he officially pushed his way in as a terrible two. I come downstairs to find he had dumped a cereal box onto the rug in the family room. On the bright side, he was actually eating it. It wasn't like he just dumped it and stomped on it. I guess it was easier to eat when it was spread out all over the rug. So as I was taking pictures of him eating off the ground, then reviewing my shots I look up and he is dumping out the rest of the box.

I guess he figured if I was taking pictures of it, he must not be in too much trouble.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

star gazing

Last night I came home from my primary presidency meeting around 10 o'clock. I couldn't find Colby and the boys anywhere in the house. I finally found them outside on the trampoline. All three of the boys were asleep. Since school has been out they have been begging Colby to let them sleep out on the trampoline. So last night they laid out there watching the stars and next thing you know...they were all asleep, even Beau- which is a miracle! My boys are so lucky to have a dad that will spend time with them, doing things like this.

We didn't let them sleep outside by themselves. We brought them in once I got a picture of them. This morning they wanted to know why they were in there beds and not on the trampoline. I guess one of these nights, Colby will have to spend the ENTIRE night out there with them. We shall see.

bounce me, bounce me

My boys have a new best friend...Jackie! Since Jackie has come to stay with us for the summer, my boys will not leave her alone! They want her to jump with them all the time. In fact, they try to wake her up early in the morning to get her to come out and play with them. They haven't been too successfull at this. But when she finally does roll out of bed she is out there almost as much as they boys are.

She bounces them pretty high. The higher the better, according to Blue and Reed.

And of course, Beau thinks he can jump pretty high all by himself.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I have a feeling that my boys might, just might be addicted to anything Star Wars. For example, on Saturday Blue went to a birthday party for a little girl who goes to his same preschool. Blue was convinced that she would LOVE a couple of Star Wars guys. I told him that he should probably give something for a girl and Blue rebuttaled that Star Wars has Princess Leia and Padame. I couldn't argue with that. So we went to wal-mart looking for a pack of Star Wars figurines with Princess Leia or Padame. We didn't have any luck there and instead of just getting a different gift, we HAD to go to Target to find a girl Star Wars toy. Luckily, Target had one left. And even luckier for us, the little birthday girl was thrilled to get a Star Wars toy!
Sunday was Father's day and my boys gave a card to Colby. But it was no ordinary Father's day card. It was one of those new cards that plays music. It played the Star Wars theme song. Now if you have seen this card, you know that it is actually a birthday card. But that didn't stop my boys from giving it to Colby for Father's day. Beau actually joined in the fun and loves to open up the card and sing along with the song. It really isn't "singing", it sounds more like a whining noise BUT you can tell that it is the Star Wars theme. It is pretty cute!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

school is back in session

So school has been out only a week, but for the majority of this week my boys have been in school, actually they have been "playing" school with their cousin Taryn. We also made a trip to Farmington to visit Channy and her kids. I haven't taken a single picture of the happenings for the past week- I guess I'm the only one who is being lazy this summer. I promise to do a better job of documenting what is going on here with the boys as our summer comes into full swing.
Jackie is living with us for the summer. She has been pounding the pavement in search of a summer job. My boys were so excited that she came to live with us because she will was the first person to use our "guest room". They love to call Beau's old room the guest room. Technically that IS what the room is for but, for some reason, it sounds funny coming from a six and four year old.

Friday, June 6, 2008

colby is out of town

so that means project time! Yes, I have been a little busy these past couple of days. Look at what I've done. Project #1:

These burp cloths are for Frances. I thought I was going to make it to the shower this weekend, but now I cannot. So here is a sneak peak of your gift, Frances.
Project #2&3:
The young women are going to be making aprons for girls camp since they will be cooking all of their meals there. I wanted something simple enough that it could be finished in one activity. My first attempt was a dish towel with ribbon strings. I attached the ribbon with buttons and sewed button holes onto the dishtowel so when it needs to be washed the ribbons could be taken off.

After trying it on, I realized that it is the perfect size for people short like me. If any of the girls are taller than 5'2 (which is all of them) this is not the apron for them. Although, I may go ahead and embellish this one for myself.
The second apron turned out nicely and only requires straight seams, lucky for the girls!

This one has ribbon ties also. Ribbon is just an easier and quicker solution to ties. Plus, who doesn't love a cute button?!

You can't see the buttons very well in this picture, but they are small hearts.
Project #4:
Actually, this was the first project I did. I sewed forty feet of pennants to hang in our campsite.

Our ward was assigned pink for our color, and I decided to add a little black and grey also. I think it is a great color combination for Lady Pirates! More pictures to come of our jolly roger which is pink(of course), and our ship which is called the Pink Pearl.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

playin' the blues

Since Reed plays the piano, Blue has become pretty creative in coming up with his own instrument to play. But he was ecstatic when Colby pulled out his harmonica for Blue to "borrow". Blue now carries it around with him everywhere and loves to make music. I have found him outside a number of times just sitting and playing the harmonica; waiting for Reed to come home from school so they can play together. He even taps on it every once in awhile to get clean the spit out.