Wednesday, October 28, 2009

trophy wife

This hunting season I was drawn for an antelope tag. I was a bit surprised since I didn’t even know that I had put in for that hunt. Nonetheless, I was excited for the opportunity of a few days away with Colby.
After dropping off my kids with Chea (thank you so much), I headed to Flagstaff where Colby and I had our last warm meal (or so I thought- we actually camped about 3minutes from a Wendy’s) before stepping into the mysterious world of hunting. By lunchtime of opening day, we had seen a few antelope and blew the stalk (like my hunting lingo?) on a big one. After a nap in the trailer and Wendy’s for lunch- I know, it isn’t how I imagined hunting either, we headed back out. We found “the one” and started to hike towards our target. We kept getting closer and the antelope kept running over the next ridge. I told myself, “I don’t care how big it is, I just hope I get it ‘cause this hiking isn’t really my idea of a good time.” Luckily, with the pressure from another hunter, I got my chance to shoot. Colby was a little worried because the shot was a little far. I wasn’t worried about the distance, I was more worried about the other hunter getting MY antelope. I could see the antelope in my scope and asked if I could pull the trigger. Colby, again a little cautious about the distance, asked if I was sure I was ready. ‘Yep, let me shoot’. One shot and I got him! We had no idea how big it was until we saw it close up. Colby and his friend, Jay, were so excited! Apparently I had shot a pretty big one. I was so excited that I didn’t have to haul the heavy rifle around anymore.
Now, here is the most interesting thing I learned about hunting: trophy pictures. If you have ever experienced a grumpy husband during family pictures; let me tell you, it isn’t the actual picture taking they are grumpy about- it must be the setting. I witnessed these two guys literally rolling in the rocks and cactus just for the perfect picture- it was hilarious! When I looked at the pictures I was bugged that Colby didn’t tell me to smile more or to take off my hat. But then I realized that all of the picture taking wasn’t for me, but for the other trophy in the picture:)

When we got home, we found out that my antelope really is a trophy buck. It scores as the third largest antelope shot by a women according to the Safari Club International. The shot was of a distance of 508 yards, which apparently is pretty far. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Thanks Colby for a great hunting experience.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

a visit from the dead

The 10th anniversary of Chea's 30th birthday was on Tuesday. Brittney and I decided to send her a little singing telegram, except he didn't sing. He just breathed real heavy and gave creepy looks. He did bring her cupcakes though.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

mini photo shoot

I have been wanting to take some pictures of my boys for awhile now. But it just never seems like there is a convenient time. Between homework, guitar lessons, and soccer practice I always felt bad about taking up more of the down time. Well, this week I decided I would go for it, knowing that I would only have about ten to fifteen minutes to shoot, definitely a "mini" shoot. Hey, it's better than nothing. While the boys put up a whining front about getting dressed, they were good sports once we got "on location". I snapped away for ten minutes then we loaded up and were done. I think my boys were surprised when I told them we were done and to load up. In fact, they were just warming up to the camera and the surroundings. I guess we'll just have to go back and let them explore a little more- in outfits of my choice, of course.

Friday, August 28, 2009

human jungle gym

When we went camping with all the Shepherds, Colby's younger brother Tyler always had at least one kid hanging on him. They all thought he was their personal jungle gym, climbing up his back, hanging on his arms or legs- just plain pestering him. But he was such a good sport about it. Thanks Tyler, my boys just love you to death!

camping with the Shepherd clan

We went camping with all of Colby's family for the first time ever! We had a great time. The boys loved exploring, painting rocks, wiffle ball, riding bikes, and sharing the tire swing with their cousins.

Don't you just love how dirty Maelyn's face is? She looks just like Colby's sister, Emily. If I were to have a daughter I would hope that she would look just like Maelyn & Emily too. Sorry Emily, I didn't get any pictures of you that weekend, except for the chubby bunny contest with the cheeto balls. I'm pretty sure you don't want me to post that:) On second thought I just might...

This was the first time we brought bikes camping. Blue loved it! You could see him whiz past camp every now and then. He had no fear of the hills either, flying down them following his cousin Kaleb who is three years older than him.

I loved to see all the cousins playing together. The best part about the weekend was that they all got along, no fighting or meltdowns.

What would camping be without a game of wiffle ball. Uncle Tyler was so patient with all the kids.

I just love this picture of Randy and his son Nathan:

the ideal camping spot

My perfect camping spot would include a creek, minimal bugs, an outhouse, and of course a tire swing.

Lucky for me, Colby knows of a place just like this. So we headed up north a few times this summer to relax, explore, and, of course, fish. The boys loved every minute of it. I must say we are finally at a time in our family where it is pleasant to travel with our boys(except for the carsickness). The boys loved to go down to the creek and fish with Colby. They followed Colby where ever he went, even into a few overgrown spots. And then they were so patient just floating their lines down the creek just like their dad. They all got a chance to go fishing with Colby one on one. Beau loved this fishing bag and wouldn't take it off. He fell asleep with it on, rode the tire swing with it on, even in the car- on the way home- he wouldn't take it off.

The tire swing was a huge hit! That is where most of our time was spent. I pushed the boys while Colby just relaxed and watched. ;) I think Colby had the harder job of baiting hooks, then actually catching a fish.

It didn't hurt that we didn't have to sleep on the ground. As new owners of a Jumping Jack, the boys took the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of it, which didn't take very long since it is simply a tent on a trailer(literally). But we love it!

Friday, July 10, 2009

loving the lake

Living in Flagstaff, where the weather is beautiful in the summer, we weren't very motivated to head down to the heat and go to the lake. But now that we are back living in the heat, we have found ourselves escaping to the lake quite often. Our boys love more than I ever thought they would, they are pretty cautious about swimming. But I think a combination of swimming lessons and lake trips have loosened them up a bit. They have loosened up so much that they all want to wake board now. In fact, Colby has taught Reed how to get up on the board.

Now he just needs to work on STAYING up. Reed loves it and hasn't gotten discouraged. It is the coolest thing to watch Colby and Reed out there in the water together. The only downside to Colby being out in the water with Reed is that I have to drive the boat. Ya, this is not one of my strong points but Colby is very patient with me and I hope I am getting better. Oh ya, thanks to Chea(who is never without her camera) for documenting this monumental event for me!

This last time we went out, Blue and Beau both wanted to wake board. So Colby set them in between his legs on the board and had them hold onto the rope with him while he wakeboarded. The boys get the biggest grins when they do this. I just wish I would have brought my camera that time. You can be sure I will be bringing it next time.

A few weeks ago we did a weenie roast and FHE at the lake. The boys thought that was so cool to explore a place that we got to by boat. Beau was super intrigued by the fire, well, maybe a little frightened.

It is so funny how when one has to go, the others all of a sudden have to go too.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Barrrrthday Beau!

Ever since I went to girls camp last summer, Beau has been obsessed with pirates. His third birthday was on June 21st so it seemed fitting to have a pirate birthday party. It was all he could and can talk about still. I can't believe my baby is three! It is amazing how different all three of my boys are. Beau is hilarious! He has a great sense of humor at such a young age. Colby and I are always cracking up with him. Beau does a good job of keeping up with Reed and Blue. He wants to play what they are playing and say what they are saying- which makes me sad because he is growing up too fast!

We had cake with just Reed and Blue on his actual birthday since the party was a couple of days later. He got the crazy teeth at Peter Piper the night before. Reed had a "great idea" of going to peter piper for Beau's birthday as a family. Reed is always wanting to go to peter piper, this time it happened to be for a legitimate reason.

A little spit to help blow out the candle.

What a bunch of scalliwags!

They dug for buried treasure and put it all in their little booty bags.

Josie wore the appropriate attire for the occasion. Too cute!

The cupcakes were scrumptious, and the frosting to die for. I will post the recipes later, if I remember:)

HMA Reunion

Over the Fourth of July, the Howard Marshall Arnett reunion was held in Orem, UT. Heidi and I had this great idea of caravaning up for this big event. Ya, not so great idea. At least 10 potty stops(could have been more, I just stopped counting) and 15 hours later, our group of 4 adults and 11 kids finally made it to Orem. While the drive was the pits, the reunion was great! The kids had a great time experiencing life in Blythe(where grandpa and grandma arnett lived for many years) and I am so sad I forgot my camera for this. But if you check Lindsay's blog you can see what amazing talent Aunt Candy has with cardboard(it is a talent and possibly a fettish). The So you think you can dance contest was a hit with everyone. Anytime you can watch break dancing, Thriller, syncronized swimming, a bit of the Lawrence Welk show, and modern/interpretive dancing with a man in a leotard you know you are in for a good time! And,finally, what could be more all american than a backyard bbq on the fourth of July? Warning: a lot of pictures ahead...

We stopped for lunch in kanab at a park, and of course, it started to rain once we all got settled on our blankets in the grass. We sought refuge under a ramada at the school.

H.B. has this amazing backyard that was perfect for all of us Arizonans to hang out at. Thanks for letting all of us crash at your place!

My boys took advantage of the sprinklers. Blue may look like he is wearing pants, but they are shorts and are about to fall off. And Beau may look like he isn't wearing any pants at all- well, he's not.

The HB Arnett family kicked off the dance contest with a little bit of break dancin'.

Avery wasn't shy about performing in the SYTYCD show. The only problem was that none of the music was up to her standards. She just kept shaking her head no when a song was turned on.

Thriller, what more can I say?!

Saturday Night Live style of the Lawrence Welk show.

Probably the best synchronized swimming ever, look for them to go on tour!

Reed and Trey found out that you get a prize if you participate, so they decided to sing a song for us.

A high caliber modern/interpretive dance by the Walker family.

Anytime there is a man in a leotard, expect it to be entertaining! Way to go Brig!

The real reason for our celebration this past weekend. Focus on the flag, not the sonic cup:)

Good food the entire weekend, as evident on Paige's face. Thank you Candy for all your planning and hard work that brought us all together this weekend!