Monday, April 25, 2011

chicken wings

To keep our chickens from pooping all over the back porch and in the barn, we (when I say we, I mean Colby) clip their wings so they stay in the pasture. Well, last week we needed to clip the wings on the younger batch chickens. The boys were in charge of chasing, cornering and catching the chickens. It was hilarious to watch as they tiptoed behind the chickens, trying to sneak up on them and then pouncing on them and still missing the chicken. With some help from Colby, all the chickens were caught and clipped.
Blue was the self appointed gate keeper. This allowed him to sit around while Reed and Beau chased the chickens.

The boys have a punching bag in the barn to practice their "moves" on. Sometimes the punching bag gets the last shot, but not on this day...

Reed is a tough guy when it comes to the goats. He likes to push around the babies and ride around on the mama. He looks like on tough cowboy, doesn't he?

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