Saturday, September 17, 2011

Movin' right along

I just can't get enough of this little baby girl! She is crawling everywhere. She is having a great time exploring every room downstairs. She will go into Colby's office and just stare at all the deer mounts. I haven't decided if she is scared or intrigued. She doesn't cry so I assume it is the latter. She likes to explore the kitchen and will sit at the back door watching the chickens scratch in the backyard. She loves to play with all the plastic bowls and lids, they are probably her favorite toy. She likes to come into my room and mess up all my primary papers. Leaving a big crumpled mess. I even caught her on the second stair the other day! Won't be long before she will be climbing up the stairs and getting into the boys' stuff. Before Quinn was born, we talked with the boys about what they would do if she got into their toys. They all agreed they wouldn't get mad and would let her play with them. We'll see how true this is within the next few months. Her two bottom teeth have come through also. She loves her brothers and will laugh at any silly thing they do. They boys get a kick out of this and they are constantly trying new ways to make her laugh. Yesterday morning Reed said, "I'm so glad Quinn came to our family!" I couldn't agree more!

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charmaine said...

the only problem is that I have never seen her. I know she is just darling (How could she be anything else?)