Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I think I can, I think I can

Am I setting myself up for failure by deciding to get back in the saddle again? Maybe...but it's worth a shot. As I was walking down memory lane looking at old blog posts, I realized how grateful I am that I actually wrote a few thoughts down about the ups and downs of our life. Sooo, I am NOT going to try to catch up but just simply start from here. Today. Right now.
The mornings are actually bearable now so Quinn and I spend a lot of time on the driveway after we send the boys off to school. Each morning she drags out everything she can out of the garage onto the driveway one at a time. Three tricycles, two strollers, two beach chairs, one bike pump, one booster seat and anything else that is light enough for her to move. If you were to drive/walk by our house you might think we were having a garage sale (it's a good thing she isn't strong enough to pull out all my old furniture that I am going to redo someday).

Yes, that is a QT slurpee in her hands. On occasion- oh, who am I kidding?- more often that not Quinn and I will visit QT with Jackie, Jessica, and Chea for some breakfast of the champions, a soda and a donut!

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Mariley Johnson said...

So happy you're jumping on the wagon again! We've missed you!