Monday, September 20, 2010


At the end of July we let our boys in on a little secret... we're going to have a baby! They were so excited, to the point of telling everyone they knew and didn't know for that matter. We told them at the dinner table. Blue peeked under the table at my belly for confirmation. Thankfully he must have thought my belly was still small because when he came back up from under and table he had a confused look on his face. "No you're not." We explained that the baby wouldn't come until February. Then we discussed possible names. For boys, names like Hans Solo and Luke(no surprise there), and Percy(from Percy Jackson) were on the top of their list. Alex(I'm sure from Wizards of Waverly Place), Hermione(from Harry Potter, of course) and Halley(Reed's school teacher from last year) were suggestions for girl names. But the best name of all came from Beau- Macaroni. If we have a girl, he wants to name her Macaroni.

Well, we took our boys with us today to the ultrasound. It looks like we are having a Macaroni!