Monday, January 26, 2009

100th day of school

Reed's school is celebrating the 100th day of school on Wednesday. So for homework he needed to count out 100 of something/anything and glue it to a piece of paper. He decided he wanted glue his 100 somethings to the shape of a dog. I looked around our house until I could find 100 of anything and came up with googily eyes. Here is his finished project:

He is such a perfectionist. He was very particular in his method of placing each eye in the perfect spot. This process was a bit time consuming, but worth it in the end to see how proud of himself he was when he finished.

On a side note:
For the past two weeks Reed has brought home the "gold medal" award in his reading group. To receive this you need to read 60 words a minute and Reed surpassed that by reading 90 words a minute! He is a reading fool! Way to go Reed!

easily amused

This morning I went to the dollar store with Beau and Blue. We got out of there for under $5 which is highly unusual. The dollar store is one of those stores that I usually go overboard, simply because I think I am saving money. I mean come on- everything is ONLY one dollar. But when you buy 20+ items it certainly adds up. So I went looking for Chinese takeout boxes and they didn't have any so I let Blue and Beau pick out one thing. Blue picked out a rubber baseball attached to an elastic string that you velcro to your wrist and Beau picked out a bucket of foam shapes. Best two dollars I ever spent! They played with these things ALL DAY LONG! Beau dumped all his foamies into one of his "treasure boxes" (yes, he is still obsessed with all things pirates) and then carried it around with him.

Blue ran around the house with this ball chasing after him. He thought it was hilarious. He did this so much that he got winded. It was probably the most exercise he has gotten in a while since it is so cold here and we don't get outside much.

(In this picture Blue is actually chasing Reed, who is letting the ball chase him)

Friday, January 23, 2009

a goal not written is only a wish

I had big plans this year, big plans. I was gonna start exercising, crazy I know. I was gonna work out a better bedtime routine for my boys. I was gonna be a better, more efficient, and a more regular blogger. I even wrote these down to make them official goals. Yaaa, none of them have happened. I guess a goal doesn't magically happen once it is written down. I guess I actually have to put some sort of effort into making it happen. Huh, maybe I should have made my list of goals a little shorter(these were just a few from the top of my list). So here we are, the third week of January, and I'm still looking for the motivation to make some of my goals habits.

During these hard-pressed times, I am grateful that Colby has a job. Unfortunately it happens to be in Queen Creek. And we still live in Flagstaff. So we (actually, Colby) have been living the commuting life...AGAIN. I'd like to think I learned a few things from the last time we did this. If you don't remember let me refresh your memory. We lived in Queen Creek while Colby worked in Prescott for the entire length of my pregnancy with Beau. Good times, well, actually not so good. Anywho, back to the present. One important thing I learned is to keep Colby up to date with all the little happenings that go on every day. Of course a blog is a great way to do this. And, I know, I haven't been taking advantage of it. So here goes, I'm trying to back in the saddle again. This past Wednesday the boys skipped school and we went down to the valley to spend the day with Colby as a family. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. This was a huge hit with all the boys. Then we headed over to the Arizona Science Center. I don't feel too bad pulling the boys out of school because they probably learned more there than they would have at school that day. I think my boys were ecstatic about being outside in great weather.

Beau thought he was pretty tough chasing the birds until the birds started to fly.

A little bit of tug-o-war going on.

Beau and Colby won.

Wheelchair races. Poor Blue, he was pushing so hard that his entire body would come off the seat.

The hit of the day was building dams in the sand then watching the current of the water make it's way through. To Beau it was just playing in the sand and water.

We also saw a movie about black holes in the state of the art planetarium. Before it even started Beau was asking where the popcorn was- a sure sign that we see ALOT of movies at the theaters:)