Tuesday, November 1, 2011

maybe not the end, just an addition

Obviously Star Wars and Ninjas have not ended at my house. So I guess I should rephrase my last post to "an addition to Star Wars", not an end. Reed and Blue were ninjas and Beau was a power ranger. For so long, my boys weren't allowed to watch power rangers and I'm not sure why. I take that back, I know why- it's because my mom detested power rangers and refused to let us(my brothers) watch it growing up. I have decided that there are far worse shows out there for my boys to be watching so now they are allowed to watch power rangers. Quinn was still the cutest witch ever, even the second time she put on the costume! Before we went trick or treating we headed over to Chea's house for pictures and pizza and a little bit of whiffle ball. In the past, we have walked neighborhoods that have half acre lots. We've always had a great time but it required so much walking and so much time. So, this year we went to a neighborhood where the houses are closer together. It was perfect. One loop of houses equaled less walking and more candy! The boys had a blast! They get so excited over the cheesiest decorations. I should probably suck it up and hang more decorations like that. I just can't bring myself to do it. I know I'm a selfish mom.