Tuesday, March 31, 2009

jedi training

To confirm the rumor that we are living in Queen Creek now, let me just say WE'RE BA-ACK. We moved last week. What a whirlwind that was for us!
But before I give all the boring details of moving, let's discuss the jedi training held at our house in Flag for Blue's fifth birthday. We started off by making our own droids.

These were decorated icee cups that were later used to hold their candy from the pinata.
Next we trained with light sabers(water noodles). The kids absolutely loved this! They could hit each other and I didn't have to worry about anyone getting hurt because the water noodles were soft.

The kids played "yoda says" and then practiced using their light sabers. After all that training we took a break and had cupcakes with yoda sodas. My cupcakes were a huge FLOP but that didn't matter because the kids just wanted to drink their yoda sodas(lime sherbet in 7-up).

I just love how all of the kids are slurpin' away on their sodas.

We sang happy birthday and Blue jumped the gun and blew out all his candles before we were even done singing.

We ended the party by defeating the death star. It was a soccer ball pinata that I had painted all the white spots grey. My boys thought it was a good looking death star. All the kids got a chance to try to crush the death star with a light saber but the light saber just wasn't strong enough so we ended up using a metal bat to finish it off. It was hilarious to watch some of the kids "use the force" when we would tell them to try to find the death star by using the force. They would hold out their hand and start wandering around.

I can't believe Blue is five years old! We love his spunk, his big heart, and his million dollar smile; we even love his lisp:)!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

toot my own horn

Last summer I took some pictures of a baby boy who was born with club feet. At two weeks old, Baby Tanner had full leg casts put on that he wore for approx. three months. Well he is now a poster child(okay maybe not a poster child but he did make it onto a mailer for an upcoming seminar) for Phoenix Childrens Hospital. And guess whose pictures they used? Take a look for yourself right here.