Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter egg hunt @ grammy's

This was done on the spur of the moment, like most get togethers are in the Arnett family. The kids had a great time, they don't know the difference if you've been planning an activity for weeks or if it was thrown together just hours before.
The kids had to hold hands as we walked to the grassy area near Grammy's house for the egg hunt.

As we got closer they all got a little excited and picked up the pace.

All the kids examined their loot except Aiden. He was so funny, I would hand him an egg to put in his basket and by the time I handed him another one he had thrown OUT the egg I had just given him. It wasn't until he realized that they had candy in them was he willing to find them.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

hit the ground running

So the first week we were in our new/old house we decided to postpone unpacking and have a little fun not to mention have some work done on the kitchen. Channy and her kids came and stayed with us for their spring break. We went to the Pima Air Museum, the Pinal County Fair, and Grammy's Easter Egg Hunt- just to name a few of the things we did. My boys loved having Trey around to play with.

Haven't we all wanted to feed our younger brother to a shark at one point in our lives?

Beau loved it- wide open spaces where he could run and never stop. He wasn't too happy when I would have to chase him down and get him to join us.

Now on to the county fair. It was perfect! The weather was great, no crowds or creepy people and good company. Chea and her girls, Heidi and her kids, AJ and Brittney and their kids, Channy's kids, and Jackie and Mom and Dad all came along for some good times.

This ride was so funny because for the first swing of the boat Beau was smiling but that was the last smile he gave the rest of the ride. Tana had to hang on tight to him because he kept trying to stand up and get off. Apparently it didn't scar Beau too much though because he just kept riding all the other rides. I only took a few pictures and they were only of the little kids. Chea, on the other hand, took pics of the big kids. Maybe she will find some time to post those. Rumor is that Ty threw up on a ride which in turn made Tana throw up. I'm sure those are the pics everyone is dying to see. Okay, maybe not. But it is kind of a funny story... as long as you weren't on the ride with them.
You know you're getting old when carnival rides are no longer fun for you. Heidi and I had a brilliant idea of joining the teenagers on one of the rides- the one that you go around in a vertical cirle really fast and lots of times. Well, I thought Heidi was going to pass out and I walked away with a major headache. Ya, not so fun. And very disappointing to discover that I'm old!
The afternoon ended not so perfect but not surprisingly. Beau didn't want to leave the rides and was long overdue for a nap. So I was carrying/dragging him. Then Blue didn't win the stuffed animal he wanted at the dart throwing game; so he was crying/sobbing. I probably looked slightly frazzled and I'm sure I thought about never going to another fair again. But I'm over it now and I'm pretty sure we will go again next year.