Thursday, February 28, 2008

what was i thinking?

I decided to give Reed a break from Taekwondo. It seemed to be time consuming since it was twice a week, across town, and Beau was not very cooperative while we waited. Reed didn't want to quit completely so I told him we would just take a break and wait for Blue to turn four years old so he could participate with him. Well, Reed is now taking piano lessons instead. I don't know why I thought this would be less time consuming. Now, instead of just twice a week, I have to sit by him everyday (or atleast five times a week) while he practices. This is much harder that just that, you see, Beau wants to play the piano also. So while I am fighting him off and he is screaming at the top of his lungs, Blue is trying to sit on my lap and tell Reed how to play. Poor Blue, he wants to do whatever Reed does but just isn't old enough. Now when Blue tries to tell Reed what to do next, this makes Reed mad and he starts pouting. On a positive note, whenever Reed pouts (whether it be from Blue or because he has to run through a song one more time) he plays to perfection. Although it is exhausting, it is fun to see how far Reed has come already.

the geek squad

I think the first time I used a computer was in jr. high. But now computer lab is offered in kindergarten. But even before they get to kindergarten, kids know how to play on the computer...especially my boys (It is just as good as putting a movie on while I get laundry or the dishes done). I can't tell you how many times I've found Blue, way past his bedtime, on the disney channel website listening to High School Musiscal. Yes, he can get on the internet by himself and knows where to go for his "favorites". Beau got his own computer for Christmas because he is forever wanting to play with the mouse on the real computer. Now, while Reed is at school in computer lab, Blue and Beau sit side by side clicking away on their mice.

how is that possible?

I received the last medical bill from my appendectomy today. Unfortunately, I thought I was through paying all those bills and I thought that I had ALREADY paid alot of money. Well, after today's bill, I will have paid more out of pocket for this than I did for having a baby! Can you believe that!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

bottom riding

Chea and her girls and a couple of their friends came up yesterday to enjoy the snow. Unfortunately the temperature finally warmed up, after six weeks of terribly cold weather, so there wasn't much snow that hadn't already turned to ice. But we did find a couple of suitable hills to go sledding. Reed discovered there was no need for a sled and called it "bottom riding".

My boys absolutely loved going down the hill, sled or not! I thought for sure they might be hesitant or just a little scared. My nerves were calmed though when they went down with Tana and hit a jump and Reed yelled out, "SWEET"!

I am so glad that they came up because there is no way I could have taken all three of my boys sledding by myself, so thanks for the good times girls!

I'm pretty sure the girls had a good time also, just look at that expression on Jessica's face!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

my little pony valentine

Being in Kindergarten, Reed exchanged valentines with all of the kids in his class. He was so excited to discover that not only did most of the kids give him a card but they also gave him a piece of candy! He definitely hit the jackpot! When he got home from school Reed dumped out all of his loot on the table and looked it over a few times. After doing this, he decided to make his dad a valentine card. Now I had to get creative because due to unforseen circumstances half of my craft supplies got left at our old house, never to be seen again (I am coming to terms with this, but it has not been easy). So with foam sheet, markers, and twisty ties Reed made a book for his dad.

It was all very tender until the last page which reads "my little pony". You may be wondering why he wrote this. Well, let me explain: Colby, Reed, and Blue often tease each other when they are wrestling. They don't use any bad words just words like princess, teddy bear, or my little pony. Colby first started this name calling, but now our boys love to make Colby "mad" by calling him "my little pony".

It is good to see that my straight-laced child has a sense of humor!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

nine years

Love is like swallowing hot chocolate before it's cooled off. It takes you by surprise at first but keeps you warm for a long time. That is what it's like for me. I was so surprised that Colby even wanted to spend time with me in the beginning. And now, I can't imagine my life any other way. Today marks nine years of wedded bliss- or something like that:) for Colby and me. I have never had any doubts about his love for me, even on our wedding day when he was fifteen minutes late to the temple. He sure had the sweet little ladies in the temple worried but I knew better. I am so blessed to have him in my life. I love you Colby.

Monday, February 11, 2008


I am going to reveal one of my deepest secrets to the blogging world: I have never been to Starbucks, nor have I ever had anything from Starbucks. Until today. In my naivety I thought all they sold was coffee. But I have heard from many people that don't drink coffee, at least on a regular basis(you know who you are) that Starbucks is a great place for a beverage. While at Target this morning, I decided I would try a hot chocolate from Starbucks. Can I just say how utterly DISAPPOINTED I was with it! If I wanted to eat some unsweetened cocoa I would have just taken a spooonful out of my baking cocoa. Yuck! I was ticked because of all the rave reviews I had heard about it! So, those of you who enjoy Starbucks for a beverage other than coffee, please enlighten me on what to order next time.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

1pm sacrament meeting=naptime

For the past three weeks Reed and Blue have fallen asleep within the first five minutes of the start of sacrament meeting, you year makes for new church time. While this has brought the spirit back to our(mine and Colby's) meeting, it has made it very difficult to get them to go to class. The first week this happened they sat in the back of the primary room and pouted/scowled the next two hours. Last week, Colby ended up bringing them home and Reed and Blue sat on their beds for the next two hours(I did this hoping they would rather go to church than sit on their beds for two hours). Well, this week all of us were healthy and in town, which it has been about six weeks since the entire fam has made it to church together. Blue was asleep before we even got to the parking lot at the church. Colby held him. Then Reed fell asleep with his head on my lap shortly after the sacrament. Beau never falls asleep on our lap/shoulder. Colby usually has to drive around until he falls asleep. Well, today Beau actually fell asleep on Colby's lap. So there we were- Colby was holding Blue, who had sprawled out on his lap. I was holding Beau (Colby passed him off to me) and then Reed was drooling all over my skirt. We actually listened to all the speakers and got something out of it! Imagine that! I think I will take my chances during primary with cranky boys just so I can have my sacrament meetings back.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

playing catch up

I do not enjoy going to the doctor, whether it is for me or for my kids. If I have to go to the doctor that means finding a sitter for my boys or even worse taking them with me. And if I have to take one of my boys to the doctor, I usually end up taking all three of my boys- it's easier than finding a sitter on short notice. Now since I don't take my kids very often to their well checkups they are a "little" behind in their shots. Today I decided to take Beau and Blue to catch up. Oh, what fun we had! It was rather amusing when the nurse took us back to the room because both my boys were hacking up a storm. She wanted to confirm that they were there for their well checkups and not because they were sick. I am so glad that we had another reason for coming other than their coughs because the doctor agreed with my Dr. Mom diagnosis of "just a cough that will pass". Between the two of them, ten shots were needed. Plus, they had to prick Blue's finger for some blood work. I think that was the worst part of all of it- he started wailing the minute he saw blood and it didn't help that the nurse put a barbie bandaid on his finger. Come on, everyone knows not to put a pink barbie bandaid on a little boy. I hate that my boys are still too young and that I have to hold them down while the nurse gives the shots. Why is it mothers are called the nurturers? I didn't feel so nurturing as I am trying to keep my boys hands and legs under control. Colby refuses to take the kids to get shots because he says he would have a hard time not knocking out the nurse because she made his kid cry. So, to avoid more commotion (I'm pretty sure Colby would probably follow through on this instinct) than necessary, I continue to take my kids by myself. I'm sure I was quite the sight to see when we left. All of us bundled up in our marshmallow jackets, I was struggling to carry my bag, the information papers the office handed to me as we walked out, and Beau, squirming and crying; and then trying to gently drag Blue, who was also crying, to get to our car in a parking lot that was covered in abundant slush and pot holes. What a work out for me!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


So Beau has been sick for the last four days. You know, the "fever, runny nose, cough and plain cranky" sick. Let's just say these days have been sooo looong! But it has been amusing to watch Beau give some pretty crusty looks. Colby and I have been arguing whether he gets his scowl from me or from him. For those of you who know Colby, know that he wears a perm-a-scowl, not because he is angry but just 'cause. I personally think he does this on purpose so people are afraid to talk to him (he is pretty anti-social). I was convinced that Beau's scowl came from him but after finding this picture of me at an Arnett reunion I would be lying if I said that there was no resemblance. But surely Beau has more of Colby's scowl than mine. What do you think?